Fisher Allied Health:
About Our Consultants

Dietitian - Mariame Iraki
Mariame Iraki is an accredited practising dietician and qualified to assist with a range of health and medical issues, including the conditions listed below:

  • Food intolerances and allergies
  • Fertility and pregnancy nutrition
  • Diabetes and insulin resistance
  • High cholesterol / High blood pressure
  • Overweight, obesity and weight management
  • Eating disorders
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Gastrointestinal disorders, including IBS
  • Coeliac disease
  • Renal nutrition
  • Cancer and nutrition
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Sports nutrition
  • Fatigue and low energy
  • General healthy eating
  • Individual and personalised meal plans
  • Diet analysis

Mariame is committed to provide clinical dietetics consultancy with professionalism and compassion considering each patient's individual goals, culture, personal values, lifestyle and readiness for change.  She truly believes that with tailored and evidence-based guidance each individual is able to achieve their nutrition and health goals.

For more information on dietetics, please visit the Dietitians Association of Australia ( website).  For more information about Mariame Iraki, please see her website or telephone our friendly reception team.  
Mariame Iraki Dietitian

"Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than helping patients improve their health and quality of life" 
- Mariame Iraki 

Exercise Physiologist - Charan Walia
Charan Walia is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who graduated with distinction from University of Western Australia (School of Human Movement) after completing his Bachelor in Sport Science at Edith Cowan University.  Charan also holds a post-graduate Diploma from the College of Craniosacral Therapy in the UK.  Charan was an elite athlete, competing at several world championships and a Commonwealth Games.  Charan worked as an Exercise Physiologist for the Kenyan National Olympic Team. 

Exercise physiology looks at the anatomy, physiology, biology and chemistry of the body, to understand the effect exercise has on the body.   Exercise physiologist understand broad range of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and depression together with preventative methods and management. 

The conditions and health issues that may benefit from Exercise Physiology include:
  • Chronic diseases
  • Chronic pain
  • Spinal injuries and lower back pain
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Obesity and weight management

The methods used by Exercise Physiologists include:
  • Functional assessments
  • Dry needling
  • Tailored exercise plans
  • Manual therapy

After missing out on the 2002 Commonwealth Games due to an ankle injury Charan has experienced, first-hand, the impact of injury.  This experience means that he understands the clients' emotional states as well as their physical challenges.  He hopes that by working together, his clients can overcome their limitations and live their best life possible. 
Charan Walia Exercise Physiologist

"I've been an elite athlete and understand firsthand the effect that injury can have on one's life.  My goal is to work with you to overcome your limitations and help you live your best life"
- Charan Walia

Physiotherapist - Richard Costin

Richard is an experienced physiotherapist and joined the Fisher Allied Health team in September 2018.  His days of work are Monday to Thursday.  

Richards interests lie in treating a wide range of conditions, both acute and chronic, utilising a wide array of manual therapy techniques and exercise prescription. He has a particular interest in treating tendon injuries, acute knee injuries and osteoarthritis. Richard is passionate about helping people to achieve their goals and improving their quality of life, whether it’s an early return to work, sport or general activity.  He also feel that it’s very important to provide clients with the knowledge and education so that they feel more empowered to manage their condition more effectively and independently.

Richard can provide the following services and treatments: Manual Therapy; Dry Needling; Sports Injuries; Neck and Back Pain; Heel pain and Plantar Fasciitis; Tendinopathy (particularly in the lower limb); Orthopaedic / Pre and Post-operative; Rehabilitation; Arthritis Management; Chronic Pain; and Falls Prevention. 

For more information please visit  
Ghizala Jafri Psychologist

"I am passionate about helping people to achieve their goals  and improve their quality       of life, whether it's an     early return to work, sport    or general activity"
- Richard Costin 

Psychologist - Ghizala Jafri

Ghizala is a Registered Psychologist and an associate member of Australian Psychological Society.  She has a special interest in mental health, adolescence, relationships and cross cultural issues. 
Ghizala is from a Pakistani background and has been in Australia for over 40 years. In addition to English, she speaks Urdu, Hindi and Fiji Indian and has an in-depth knowledge of collectivist cultures. 

Ghizala has training in the following areas:

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Dialectic Behavior Therapy
  • Interpersonal Therapy
  • Schema Focus Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • CALD and Indigenous Specific Therapy
  • Couple and Family Therapy.

Ghizla has extensive experience in mental health, and specific interests in PTSD, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, Drug and Alcohol Issues, Borderline Structures, and Relationship/Family issues.   She takes an holistic approach and focuses on psycho-education, symptoms management, re-framing perspectives, sleep hygiene, skills development, breathing exercises, mindfulness, self-care and nurturing connections.  Ghizla accepts Worker Compensation Clients, LGBT Clients and Critical Incident debriefing.
Ghizala Jafri Psychologist

"I would like you to work with me to gain some insight to your mental well-being and identify the issues that destabilise you.  I would like you to take control of your life and move forward." 
- Ghizala Jafri

Podiatrist - Eric Sutherland

Eric joined Fisher Allied Health in October 2017 and has been providing professional podiatry services to the region for over 25 years.

Eric is a qualified podiatrist with a Diploma of Podiatry NZ.  He is Health Fund and DVA registered and listed with the NDIS.  Eric is a proud member of the Australian Podiatry Association.  

Eric works at Fisher Allied Health on Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings, with hours to be extended as his client base grows.  He welcomes new referrals and private clients and excited to be part of the team.    
Ghizala Jafri Psychologist
Lactation Consultant - Anne Endres

Anne Endres joined Fisher Allied Health in January 2018. 

Anne is a registered Midwife and IBCLC certified Lactation Consultant, who has been a Midwife for over 20 years.  Anne is originally from Germany and has lived and worked as a Midwife in Germany, New Zealand , Queensland, Northern Territory and ACT.  She has provided postnatal support and breastfeeding consultations since she first started in Midwifery and is excited about finding solutions with you that are catering for your specific needs and goals.  Anne is passionate about strategies which are individual and holistic.  She speaks German and English.​

Prior to visiting with Anne as a client, please complete the questionnaire on Anne's website in order for Anne to best meet your specific needs.  

Capital Pathology Fisher Allied Health

"I am excited about finding solutions with you that are catered to your specific needs and goals."
- Anne Endres

Pathology Services - Capital Pathology

Capital Pathology is open for pathology collection services Monday to Friday, from 7:30am to 12:30pm.   Please bring your referral form and Medicare card with you.  No appointment is required.   Please note that ECGs, 24hr halter monitor tests and 24hr blood pressure tests are not available at Fisher Allied Health rooms at this time. 

Capital Pathology Fisher Allied Health

"We pride ourselves on our long history of providing quality pathology services to the ACT and surrounds." 
- Capital Pathology

Capital Pathology Fisher Allied Health