Say Hello to SOZO:
Body Composition Analyser 

SOZO is the world’s first digital health and wellness device to use bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) technology to manage and monitor a person’s body composition and hydration levels.   

SOZO Body Composition Analysis is now available at Fisher Allied Health! 

We are very excited to announce the release of SOZO Body Composition Analysis at Fisher Allied Health.  Body Composition Analysis allows us to move beyond the single number on the scales and understand our body composition in detail.  By using SOZO, we can analyse percentage of Body Fat, Skeletal Mass, Lean Muscle Mass, Hydration Levels and more.   The test takes under 2 minutes to perform.    

How much does a SOZO Body Composition Analysis cost?

SOZO Body Composition Analysis comes in a variety of packages: 

  • Option 1:  Single visit with report (no consultation) - $25.00
  • Option 2:  Muti-visit pass (3 scans, minimum 1 month apart, valid 9mths, no consult) - $59.99
  • Option 3:  Annual pass (6 scans, minimum 1 month apart, valid 12mths, no consult) - $100.00

How to Prepare for SOZO Body Composition Analysis

Preparing for a SOZO test is easy.  

  1. Avoid exercise 2hrs prior to the reading;
  2. Avoid caffeine 2hrs prior to the reading;  
  3. Avoid alcohol 12hrs prior to the reading;
  4. It is best to wear pants, tracksuit bottoms or leggings, rather than a skirt (for conduction reasons).

Before the test is conducted: 

  1. You'll be asked to remove any jewellery;
  2. You'll also be asked to remove your socks or stockings;
  3. You will also be asked to empty your bladder just prior to the test.  

It is best to do repeat tests at the similar time of day, under similar conditions (activity levels, food and fluid intake), if possible.  You will be provided with a report to take home, and progress graphs when multiple visits are conducted.  

**PLEASE NOTE**: SOZO Body Composition Analysis is not suitable for patients with active implanted medical devices e.g., cardiac pacemakers, defibrillators or life support devices.  SOZO, has also not been validated for use in pregnant women; therefore we will not be performing tests on those who are (or may be) pregnant.